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Casey James released his new single “Fall Apart” to Sirius XM’s “The Highway” this morning. Written by Will Bowen, Josh Carter and Zach Carter, the song was one of the first songs James cut for his upcoming sophomore album on Columbia Nashville.

Of the project, Casey shares: “I worked every day for two and a half years searching for music, finding the things that I want to say as an artist, the way I want it to sound. I didn’t sacrifice. Every song I chose has its own purpose and meaning, and they say something.”

The American Idol alum’s self-titled debut, released in 2012, won raves from outlets like USA Today and Entertainment Weekly, and thanks Top 15 single “Crying on a Suitcase,” he found new fans, drawn in by what EW called his “subtle grit.” But for James, moderate success wasn’t good enough. He knew he had more to give. And on his still-untitled sophomore effort, he plans to deliver, big time.

“When I listen to this music, I feel like it’s my life,” James says. “All my mistakes; my decisions, good and bad; my thoughts, my hopes… everything that I am has led me to make this record. I’m doing my best to use the blessings that I’ve been given to make the world a better place, to give what I’m able to, and not hold back anything.”

Fans can purchase “Fall Apart” on iTunes at: and can hear the song here:

3 replies on “Casey James Debuts New Single “Fall Apart” On Sirius XM’s “The Highway””

  1. i love this guy so mucht!! Casey has such passion, integrity and true love for all music; a beautiful person and a true artist.

  2. Caseys music is nothing short of superb. His passion, honesty and raw emotion is beautifully communicated in this song. Casey’s music trancends….and this single is just the beginning of the greatness his next album holds. Can’t wait!

  3. Casey’s music and love for music and people are a combination that just make your heart melt and want nothing but goodness to come to him. His first album and the song “The Good Life” got me through a tough time in my life. Going through a surgery to not only safe my life, but getting me off of medicines that were going to kill me if I stayed on them…that year for me was full of lifestyle changes and first thing every day I started out with “The Good Life” blasting through my Ipod. His music helped save my life… the doctors gave me the tools I needed to save my life, but through his music he gave me the inspiration. Have already purchased Falling Apart and have been waiting for the new album for a while….Can’t wait to hear the new songs in concert…He can play the heck out of a guitar and keep an audience!!!! You know you love an artist when you are willing to drive 5 hours to hear them play!

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