Gary Allan has been working on his new album, the follow-up to his 2013 outing, Set You Free. On the project, he worked with producers working with producers Mark Wright (Brooks & DunnLee Ann Womack), Jay Joyce (Eric Church, Little Big Town, Cage the Elephant) and co-produced seven tracks with Greg Droman (Get Off On The Pain). This time, he says it will be a little different.

“I think first off, I’m gonna do the tracks that I want. Last time, I let Jay [Joyce] pick what he wanted, and then I let Mark [Wright] pick what he wanted, then I took the [leftovers],” says the California native. “I think I’ll probably cut what I want this time. Unless I can hear what the song needs – like guys that I work with like Mark, he’s great at strings and making things big, so if I need that, I feel like I’ll go to him. If I feel like something needs more funk than I can give it, then I’ll go to Jay. But I think I’d have to feel like I need one of them.”

When he’s not in the studio or writing songs, Gary is out on the road playing a ton of shows and festival dates. On Friday, he’ll be at the Country Explosion in Utah, followed by Cheyenne Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyoming on Sunday.

7 replies on “Gary Allan To Proceed In A Different Way For His New Album”

  1. Gary,

    I love ur music. Your music has helped me out of some really abusive relationships. Then your music has helped me when I tryied to commit suicide 4 times and my two children found me. Then after all this I have beat cancer. And survived a motorcycle accident that I died 3 time agter. Your the light , your the music I turn to when I need lifting up. And I have seen u twice and I would give anythimg to see u again. But u see I am in talladega alabama and its hard to travel. As a single mom. With much love connie

  2. Gary, I can not wait for your next album to come out, I wish you would please put it on your list of shoes to do to come to Charlottesville, Va.

  3. I love every song on every album that Gary Allan puts out! I fell in love with his music and shows. He is a very awesome singer/songwriter and guitarist and I fell in love with his incredible awesome beautiful raspy voice! His music touches my heart and soul. I love love going to his shows his shows are very incredible and awesome to see and I never can get enough seeing Gary Allan. I have been to seventeen Gary Allan shows I have see his in shows in Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana I always try to go when he close enough for me to go to see him. I have seen him lot in Indiana and I love to see him coming back to Illinois, Kentucky and especially to Indiana every year. Gary Allan pretty darn amazing to see him in person and I would love to meet him in person. His music is pretty darn amazing to listen too and very helpful on life’s ups and downs and I hope that he will be coming back to Indiana this year. I would love to see another Gary Allan show again Indiana, Illinois or Kentucky. I can’t wait to hear his next new album next year. With love Kimberly!

  4. Gary could sing the ABCs andit would be priceless ♥ I will be waiting to buy ♥

  5. Gary, your music just reaches out and grabs me, I sing alot of your songs in karoakie. Have seen you in concert and you rock. your music when I listen to it makes me feel good and i wanna sing right along with it. it aint the whiskey, is one of my many favorites. looking forward to your next album. you are an awesome artist and it is in my opinion that you dont get near enough credit for your awesome talent. take care. one of your biggest fans. Dave O’Brien

  6. Leftovers? Set You Free is an amazing album, as all your albums are. I will take your leftovers any day. Excited, waiting on your new album. Hope you make it to coastal Alabama soon.

  7. I hope one day you will feel and sing love songs. I could relate to your heart breaking songs for a very long time but was blessed to find a love better than any I’ve known. I hope one day life brings you the same. Your songs of heartbreak are expressed so deeply in your voice. I’d like to hear what you would sound like if you found true love. Good luck on your new album. Looking forward to one day hearing one of total love. Until then, GOD bless you on your journey.

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