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HISTORY® has partnered with country superstar Dierks Bentley to record a theme song for the new custom motorcycle building series BIKER BATTLEGROUND PHOENIX premiering on HISTORY Tuesday, July 1 at 10 PM ET/PT.

Fans can preview the song titled “RIDE ON” in a special behind-the-scenes video from the studio on HISTORY’s YouTube page here: http://youtu.be/A-_eGrRM2xI.

Phoenix native and devoted biker, Dierks Bentley brings that biker attitude and passion to Biker Battleground Phoenix. “RIDE ON” is a gritty biker anthem befitting Biker Battleground Phoenix and Dierks Bentley – a perfect piece of brand synergy spearheaded by HISTORY.

“RIDE ON” will be cut down to a 30-second opening for the series as well as versioned for Biker Battleground Phoenix’s multi-million dollar marketing campaign across multiple platforms including Rolling Stone and Vevo.

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