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Country music’s newest star, Jamie Lynn Spears releases her highly-anticipated EP The Journey to iTunes! After teasing each track on Instagram and a weeklong Spotify stream, fans can finally download the five track EP!

Jamie Lynn co-wrote all tracks on the The Journey, alongside some of the biggest names in Nashville’s songwriting community, including: Rivers Rutherford, Chris Tompkins, Liz Rose, Lisa Carver, Tyler Hayes, and Corey Crowder. 

Jamie Lynn hand-selected the five tracks out of the 100+ songs she’s written over the years; her selection allows fans a glimpse into her journey in life, love, and career. 

In “Shotgun Wedding”, Jamie Lynn’s personal lyrics mix with the up-tempo, banjo-driven track to open the EP with a rockin’ tune. Then kick back and relax, ironically enough, to “Run” with it’s feel-good groove to which you can’t help but sway. Slow down with Jamie Lynn’s debut single “How Could I Want More,” which brings back the true country elements of storytelling in the form of a love song that hits really close to home, especially for the newlywed. The fourth track “Mandolin Summer Sun,” will surely be the soundtrack to summer 2014 with it’s catchy, fun-loving vibe. “Big Bad World” is a perfectly understated track showcasing Jamie Lynn’s mastery of vocals and lyrics, and closes out The Journey demonstrating her depth of artistry. 

Jamie Lynn shares, “The Journey is so personal, and I hope people feel like they are getting to know me just by listening to it! More than anything though, it’s for my fans. They have been so supportive and so patient!”

Patience and loyalty are definitely rewarded, and you can download The Journey on iTunes now!