CountryMusicRocks Interview With David Fanning
Photo Credit – Robert Chavers

Country Music Newcomer David Fanning is gearing up to release his debut single “Drink You Away” to country radio on April 28.  Signed with Red Bow Records, the singer, songwriter and producer is currently working on his debut album.

CountryMusicRocks recently caught up with Fanning and chatted with him about his debut single, “Drink You Away,” that is earning a lot of attention.  Fanning’s country cover of this song has even had Justin Timberlake take notice. “Never thought I would hear a song I wrote on country radio. My GrandDad is smiling from a bar in Heaven! @SXMTheHighway @DavidFanningMuZ , Justin Timberlake tweeted.

CountryMusicRocks (CMR): For fans that are still getting to know you, give us a quick little David Fanning 101?

David Fanning: I always like to say, people have heard me they just haven’t heard my voice. I’ve been behind the scenes. I produce Thompson Square, their last couple of records. I produce Parmalee and new girl Lindsay Ell. I’ve been in the industry working behind the scenes. They hear my work on the radio, they just haven’t heard me. “Drink You Away” is the first time people really get to hear what I’m about.

CMR: You recently covered Justin Timberlake’s song “Drink You Away” and it has really taken off.  Did you have any idea that your version of the song would get this kind of reaction?

David Fanning: You know, I didn’t know exactly what kind of reaction it would get. Honestly, I didn’t know what would happen. They played it for Justin [Timberlake] on XM, and it kind of just took off and got a life of its own. It’s really cool to see that people are buying it and are passionate about it. I didn’t think that I would be here right now, but I am definitely thankful that we are.

CMR: What made you choose this specific song to cover?

David Fanning: My buddy Storme [Warren] called me up and said that Justin was coming in the studio to do a radio thing. So Storme called me and was like ‘I was wondering if you could do a country version of “Drink You Away?” I’ve got Justin coming into the studio and wanted to play him one of his songs that was country.”  I just had a few hours to do it, I didn’t have that long. I got into the studio and knocked it out and sang it. The next thing you know, it is being played for Justin.  It was kind of weird how it happened, but I think it is cool that it happened that way because I didn’t have time to really over think it or over produce it. It happened organically and I think that is kind of the magic in the track that I love about it.

CMR: What was your reaction when you saw that Justin Timberlake tweeted about you recording of his song? Did you even think he would acknowledge it?

David Fanning: My phone had been blowing up. One of his fan clubs had gotten a hold of the song and the story, and they were just hating on it. It kept going and going.  Finally later that night Justin tweeted about it and cleared things up and that he was cool with it. It was awesome. It was such a cool feeling to know that Justin has heard it, but he supports it too. It’s a crazy feeling, it’s huge.

CMR: I know you are also a producer & songwriter and have produced for both Thompson Square and Parmalee. What has it been like for you watching their songs & albums race up the charts?

David Fanning: It’s been awesome. It’s been a rollercoaster, and a good one. It’s crazy to be able to create music and then hear it on the radio and have success with it. It’s always been fun, and I love producing and I love watching artists that we work with succeed. Now it’s exciting that it is me and my turn to do it.

CMR: What has it been like for you now to be on the other side of the glass and now recording your own music?

David Fanning: I think with producing Thompson Square, Parmalee and everybody that we’ve produced, I think it has helped me as far as learning a little bit more and honing my craft a little bit more. When we go in to produce me, it is still the same process. I don’t think I treat it any differently. I just want it to be the best product and do what is best for the song.

CMR: I know that you are working on your debut album.  What can you tell us about that? What can fans expect with your new, upcoming music?

David Fanning: I think it is going to be something that every song is going to have it’s own flare to it. Some of it is going to be more like “Drink You Away,” more organic, and then some of it is kind of pop-country. You’re going to have a mixture of different things. I grew up listening to records and I always loved records that from one song to another, they sounded different. It could be the same record, but they [the songs] all sounded different.  That’s kind of what I want to do with this record too, is keep the same great songs but make them sound different so you don’t get bored halfway through.  I want to keep everyone entertained.

CMR: What has been one of your favorite moments so far recording the album?

David Fanning: A standout moment for me, honestly, is just the whole process.  It is cool to be working on MY record. I’m so used to working on other people’s records. It is cool I can finally say, ‘oh yeah, we are working in the studio today working on my record.’  The whole thing is just a really awesome feeling. I wake up every morning with a smile on my face knowing that we are in this process right now. And to be able to do it with your best friends, it’s cool.  It just feels right.

CMR: With Drink You Away heading to mainstream country radio, what else is in store for you this year? What are some of your goals and plans?

David Fanning: It comes out to radio on April 28 and I am ready to just get out on the road and start playing. We’ve kind of been in studio mode. I’m ready to take it out to the fans, and get out there and start playing shows. After we go to radio we are going to start with shows and touring.  That is what I am definitely looking forward to most, is to get out there and start playing for everyone.

CMR: If there was one thing that you would like to convey to fans about yourself as an artist & your music, what would it be?

David Fanning: I just want everybody to be as passionate about my music as I am. When they hear it, I want them to be able to hear the emotions that I have.  With “Drink You Away” it’s a passionate song, and everybody seems to be passionate about it. I just want the whole record to be that way. When people hear it, I want them to be passionate about it.

CMR: Country Music is consistently evolving and growing. What is it that you love most about this genre?

David Fanning: I think, kind of going with what I just said, country music fans are fans for life, and they are passionate.  Once they find something, they really support you.  With country music evolving, I think the fan base is too. It is more broad and they are just super passionate.  It is so exciting to see where country music is at now and where it continues to go.

“Drink You Away” is available on iTunes now by clicking HERE.

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