Luke Bryan returns to Panama City, Florida to put on his annual Spring Break concert at the Spinnaker Beach Club on Tuesday (March 11th) and Wednesday (March 12th). He’ll perform songs from his new Spring Break 6…Like We Ain’t Ever EP, as well as from last year’s full Spring Break album, Here to Party, and probably a slew of his No. 1 hits.

Luke loves performing for the scores of kids having a good time on the beach away from mid-terms and all-night study sessions during Spring Break, and he says watching them takes him back to his own fun-filled days in Panama City.

“Everybody down there is all wrapped up in the time of their life,” says Luke. “I revert back to how much fun I had in those years and those days. I think there’s just the energy coming off of everybody of being young – young and wild and free, I guess. So, it’s pretty amazing to be down there and get to play some music and have fun.”

Luke’s new Spring Break 6…Like We Ain’t Ever EP is available on iTunes now by clicking HERE.