Citi Every Step Of The Way Featuring U.S. Paralympic Rico Roman

U.S. Paralympic athlete Rico Roman, a US Paralympic athlete, has teamed up with the Citi Every Step of the Way® campaign for the Operation Comfort program.  This program gives support and equipment to wounded veterans allowing them the opportunity to participate in the sled hockey sport.  The Operation Comfort Program is near and dear to Rico Roman as he is an active participant of the program.

Rico Roman serves as an inspiration to many.  Wounded with a severely injured leg while serving his country in Iraq, Roman has overcome obstacles and challenges that he was faced with.  Rico Roman is quoted saying, “Part of being in the military is having a no-quit attitude.” On thing is for certain, Roman has not quit and is now part of the Sled Hockey Team for Team USA.  His attitude is a strong testimony to his character and serves as a wonderful example of strength and perseverance. 

The Every Step of the Way® Program is a fantastic campaign that we can all be a part of by helping award Citi’s $500,000 donation.  There are nine programs, featuring 9 U.S. Olympic & Paralympic athletes, that are in need of this donation and you can help decide where it goes!  Learn more about the program here and watch the video below.

This post was created in partnership with Citi®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.