Photo Courtesy of Lucchese Bootmaker

One of Country music’s biggest breakout stars of the past year, Parker McCollum, has partnered with the legendary Lucchese Bootmaker brand for an exciting multi-year deal that will spotlight the high-caliber artistry and 140+ year heritage of Lucchese as well as McCollum’s authentic resonance with his devoted fanbase.

As a Texas native, McCollum has grown-up admiring Lucchese’s legacy in their detailed attention to the quality and integrity of their products and mirrors that same work-ethic in his own career, both on-stage and in the studio. 

“Lucchese has always been the boots that I wanted when I was a kid,” says Parker. “I can remember several years ago saying to the band and kind of saying to myself quite a bit, how much I would love to sign a deal with Lucchese one day and be able to represent them with what I do, since I just love their product so much. It quite literally gives me chills to think about the fact that we’re actually signing a deal with Lucchese and it’s a big deal and means something. It’s going to give both of us a platform to collaborate on, which is literally one of my dreams that I had a couple of years ago. So to manifest that and speak it and actually come to fruition, is what dreams are all about, man. You can never shoot too high, and you can never dream too big. You just never know what you may end up actually getting in life. So the Lucchese deal is a prime example of that, and I’m just so excited to start this relationship and build on it and show the world what we can do.”

We are truly excited to announce our long-term partnership with Parker McCollum. Here at Lucchese, we view the craftsmanship and intent that goes into handmaking our boots akin to that of the curation of a new song. The output of the artistry may be different, but its process and dedication to the craft remain the same. Throughout our relationship, it has become evident that Parker understands our world just as we do his- he is a true ambassador and steward of the Lucchese brand, and we can’t wait to share what we have in store for both of our fanbases.” – Doug Kindy, President – Lucchese.

Please stay tuned as this exciting partnership unfolds in their joint mission for authenticity and preserving the art of the Country lifestyle.