It’s hard to believe that it has been seven years since we’ve had new music from country duo Love And Theft. Thankfully, that is all about to change. We are just days away from the release of Eric Gunderson and Stephen Barker Liles’ brand new project, BETTER OFF.

Comprised of six solid tracks, Love and Theft take listeners on a musical journey. Their smooth vocals and impressive harmonies are brilliantly showcased, while delivering a pleasant reminder of why the duo has always been a staple within the country music community.

The EP’s title track ,“Better Off,” will serve as Love And Theft’s new single. The creative play on words throughout the song, coupled with the catchy music arrangement, makes for a memorable track and delivers an excellent re-introduction for what is ahead from the duo.

Gunderson and Liles were both significantly hands on with this project and their creativity & artistry is heavily reflected throughout this new collection.

“This is the most authentic music we’ve ever made,” Gunderson says. “We didn’t write with a specific sound in mind; we just wrote to have fun and be as creative as possible. This is probably the coolest music we’ve ever put out.”  Eric and Stephen not only co-wrote each track, but they also produced the EP themselves.

Sonically, BETTER OFF may be Love And Theft’s most creative project yet. In addition to the relatable lyrics detailed on each track, the unique music arrangements captured on the album makes each song stand out on their own, giving listeners an exclusive listening experience.

“We’ve switched up the entire way we approach making music,” Gunderson explains, “so we’re excited to have that control.”

“It’s what we want to say,” Liles adds. “It’s even more personal because this is the first time we’ve ever owned our masters and our publishing.”

Love And Theft has been trailblazers in country music and this new project further solidifies their “place” within the genre.

We’re all a little “better off” with some Love And Theft in our lives, so be sure to grab their new EP!! BETTER OFF will be available on all music platforms starting July 22nd.

To celebrate the release of their new BETTER OFF EP, Love And Theft will perform on the iconic Grand Ole Opry stage tonight, with more celebrations to follow in the coming days and weeks ahead.

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BETTER OFF Track List:1. Accidentally On Purpose (Bree Doster, Eric Gunderson, Stephen Barker Liles)2. Better Off (Eric Gunderson, Jared Mullins, Stephen Barker Liles)3. Anyway (Eric Gunderson, Jared Mullins, Stephen Barker Liles)4. Downhill (Stevie Monce, John Satterfield, Eric Gunderson, Stephen Barker Liles)5. Mirror Mirror (Bree Doster, Eric Gunderson, Stephen Barker Liles)6. Tell Me What It Feels Like (Miro Goto, Eric Gunderson, Stephen Barker Liles)