Photo Credit Jon Currier

Quartz Hill Records recording artist Nate Barnes is on quite a journey these days with the release of debut single, “You Ain’t Pretty.” Written by Barnes, Jason Sellers and Jimmy Yeary, the romantic new track was one of the Top 10 added songs for multiple weeks at country radio, and has attained over 15 million views on TikTok. Since then, the Michigan native has been hard at work further introducing his collection of music to the country music community.

When it comes to working hard, Nate Barnes is no stranger to the concept. He recently came straight off a nuclear power plant and started his career in country music. Barnes already has a solid foundation of fundamentals when it comes to putting in time & effort, and is well on his way to reaching and exceeding his goals – all to set new ones and keep going.

While out on his radio tour sharing his story and music to country radio programmers & music directors, we got the opportunity to chat with the artist on the rise – in our living room no less!!! Nate shared with us details about his debut single and EP, You Ain’t Pretty, plus so much more. Including a special moment while in the studio recording his full length debut studio album. Check our exclusive interview with Nate Barnes HERE, or watch below.

Nate Barnes is certainly one to keep your eyes on and ears tuned-in as he embarks on what is going to be an incredible experience, for both him and country music fans. His classic country influences can be heard within his music that is mixed with modern day elements, ultimately making for a perfect fit in today’s country music. Nate Barnes delivers a timeless sound that captivates listeners as he builds a solid future in genre.

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