Globally beloved entertainment icon, Dolly Parton, surprised the world with the digital re-release of six classic albums on Friday, April 10th. The largest-ever digital catalog drop of Dolly Parton songs now includes the albums Little Sparrow (2001), Halos & Horns (2002), For God & Country (2003), Live & Well (2004), Those Were the Days (2005) and Better Day (2011).

Featured on these albums are the superstar’s Grammy-winning vocals on “Shine,” the poignant “Little Sparrow” and fan favorite “I’m Gone,” among many other now-classics. 

In 2002, Parton originally released “Hello God” from Halos & Horns as a prayer in response to the terror attacks of 9-11 and she made it available again now with the hope that it would again bring healing and help.

“Hello, God? Can you grant us love enough to make amends?
Hello, God? Is there still a chance that we could start again?
Can you help me go the distance? Hello God?”

The following year, she released For God & Country, which included covers of famous patriotic mainstays and original Parton cuts. USA Today referred to the album “as her personal USO revue.” A call back to a simpler, united time; something she wishes for us all again.

Live & Well was first released in 2004, and is a live album recorded at Dollywood, the world famous 150-acre theme park which is as unique as its namesake and owner.

Those Were the Days (2005) is a collection of cover songs from the 1960’s and 1970’s and features a guest on every track including Norah Jones, Keith Urban, and Alison Krauss.

The most recently recorded album made available again today is Better Day (2011), which features single “Together You & I” and an inspired mix of originals. 

Even now, Dolly Parton continues to make a difference, in the good times and the bad. Doing what she does best, she has been uniting generations of fans through love, laughter and music in a time when we need her the most.

For kids out of school due to the COVID-19 Crisis, she is doing a special 10-week series called “Goodnight With Dolly.” A series where she reads weekly bedtime stories from her Imagination Library, the non-profit book gifting program that that has sent 130 million books to children all over the world.

For adults in “Stay at Home” situations, she’s posting humorous poems about “the stayin’ home” on Facebook and light-hearted #squadgoals photos on Instagram.

“If you don’t follow Dolly on Instagram something is wrong with you,” Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon urged his following.

For lifelong fans, the wave of music she’s made available everywhere today is a refreshing respite from the staleness of the same scenery and the heaviness of life’s realities.