Walker Hayes is known for his close relationship with his fans – especially when it comes to releasing music. Instead of shelving songs that don’t make album cuts, he has been taking new tracks to his fans directly. Walker is constantly writing and recording music and his 8Tracks collections have been his way of seeing what resonates with people in an honest and relatable way.

His latest collection of truthful and personally reflective songs titled, 8Tracks Vol. 3 – Black Sheep, is now available on all streaming and digital platforms.

LISTEN: 8Tracks Vol. 3 – Black Sheep

8Tracks Vol. 3 Track Listing:
1. Black Sheep
2. Love Hate
3. Dad’s Sailboat
4. Chapel
5. Goldest
6. Wish I Could Drink
7. Acceptance Speech
8. Don’t Let Her (stripped down recording)

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to release music this raw,” says Walker. He continues, “I’m not really a fan of something that is too polished, so releasing these 8Tracks has always been important to me. To be on my third one now feels really good, and I’m hopeful people will love these songs and have come to expect this type of music from me that is so personal.”

Walker has also just released the music video for the title track of 8Tracks Vol. 3, “Black Sheep.”