Artist on the rise Drew Baldridge recently released his brand new single, “Middle of Nowhere Kids,” to country radio and digital music outlets. Since its release, the new track has been quickly embraced as country listeners immediately gravitate toward the relatable song.

Baldridge’s new track is the lead release from his forthcoming studio album, and “Middle of Nowhere Kids” serves as a solid theme for what is ahead from the talented artist.

“It definitely sets a new tone for this new music I’ve been making and I think fans and friends are really gonna see the growth we’ve done over the last couple years” Baldridge shares with us. “This new music is the most “me” music I’ve ever made. All of these songs have the same theme of telling a story about life!”

As recently stated, Drew Baldridge is a valuable addition to the country music format. As he embarks on this new chapter, there is no doubt that he is moving forward toward a breakthrough career experience with his new music ahead.

Click here and check out Drew’s brand new track “Middle of Nowhere Kids.”

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