Walker Hayes is no stranger to channeling difficult emotions into unforgettable music. The release of his latest single, “Don’t Let Her,” available on Friday, May 17th, is no exception.

Written by Walker, with Andrew DeRoberts and multi GRAMMY-award winning producer and Songwriter Shane McAnally, and produced by McAnally and DeRoberts, “Don’t Let Her” is both an uplifting and devastatingly honest song that chronicles a conversation between Walker and a hypothetical man taking his place if something were to happen to him.

In addition to the single’s release, Walker is also sharing an accompanying lyric video which gives a heartwarming look into him and wife, Laney’s, long lasting relationship – from meeting in elementary school to the beautiful family they now share together.

Life on the road definitely takes its toll on an artist. New city every day, nowhere feeling quite like home, the weeks without seeing your loved ones – it would be hard on any of us. It was during his time touring the UK, that Walker Hayes began feeling the strain of distance from Laney and their six children.

While overseas, Walker found himself thinking of his wife constantly and reminiscing about all the things he loved about her. In true Walker fashion, he decided to create an effusive list of qualities he admired about her, and then text her the composition. Later, in a writing session, he took the list of texts and crafted them into the modern-day love letter that is “Don’t Let Her.”

“I’m honored to be sharing this powerful and massive song about Laney. I was touring in the UK missing her and my family terribly so I started texting myself specifics about Laney,” says Walker. He continues, “Things that if somebody were to hang out with her, what would they need to know about her and then it kind of turned in to a letter to whoever would take my place if something were to happen to me. That’s what this song is about and I hope you guys can relate in some way.”

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