Emerging Nashville-based band KING CALAWAY made their stadium debut this past Friday (May 3) as they performed as the opening act for Garth Brooks at his U.S. Bank Stadium show in Minneapolis, MN. The momentous occasion became even more memorable as Garth himself introduced the band as the opening act, marking the first time the icon has done that in his extensive career.

Hyping the group to the sold out crowd, Garth praised “I don’t think I’ve ever done this in my career, but I’ve watched these next six guys rent a hall that they couldn’t afford back in Nashville and practice, every day for four days straight, just for this show tonight. These guys are brand new and if I was them I would be scared out of my wits right now, but I know they’re getting ready to play for the greatest country music fans that we have on the this planet. You guys have given me some of the best nights of my life – what I’m asking you – let’s make this the best night of their lives. Ladies and Gentlemen, King Calaway!”

For King Calaway the experience was a once in a lifetime moment that will last a lifetime. “We were all walking out of the tunnel and all of the sudden Garth said ‘I need a hot mic’ and we all kind of stood there not sure what was happening. Was he going to sing with us? And then out of nowhere he started introducing us and I think all of our jaws dropped—Jordan even started tearing up. We’ve never seen Garth do that before. We’re still in shock,” said drummer Chris Deaton