Steve Moakler shares a personal and heartwarming new music video for his track, “Slow Down.” Capturing snippets from being out on the road, and personal moments between Steve, wife Gracie and newborn son Jackson, the “home-video” style brings “Slow Down” to life. Check out the video below, or click here.

“The heart behind #SlowDown has come full-circle in my life” Moakler shares via social media. “We kicked off the Born Ready album cycle about a year ago with a highway anthem… From there, we embarked on two national tours where lived out the words to that song. We had no idea that Gracie was pregnant, and the fact that we found out in the middle of the “Born Ready” tour is truly comical to me.”

“Slow Down” has a personal meaning for the singer/songwriter and is becoming a way of life for Moakler as he shares that he is going to take a break from the road for a bit.

“Anyway, over 70 shows and 20,000 miles later, our son Jackson arrived and I’m finally giving the tires a little break from spinning” Moakler reveals “It was a wild ride to get to here, and I’m thankful for all the memories we made with you guys before we pulled back into the driveway. We appreciate all the love and support! I hope you enjoy this mini-video!”

“Slow Down” can be found on his latest album, Born Ready, which is available now. Check out the album here.