Artist on the rise Chance McKinney is gearing up for the release of his latest EP, . The new collection of music will be available on November 30th and features 4 songs, including brand new track “Call You Quits.”

To celebrate the release of McKinney’s new EP, we’re exclusively premiering the first listen to “Call You Quits.” Of this new song, McKinney says it is one that many will be able to identify with.

“‘Call You Quits’ is that story about being addicted to a relationship that everyone can identify with” Chance McKinney shares with us. “As for the inspiration behind it, we felt with the success of “Take It Back” off this past EP that the topic was extremely relevant to our fans. From a simple text of “are you up?” to the emotions that come with the “rollercoaster” of hanging onto a toxic relationship that can feel more like a drug, you’ve got the setup for “Call You Quits.” I know I should ignore you, walk away from you, “quit” you… but, I gotta get my fix.”

“I’ve always loved songs like this;” Chance continues, “well done metaphors that make the listener go “yeah, I’ve felt that way” are the most enticing songs for me. Everyone loves getting advice or hearing stories they can relate to.”

“Hang onto your britches when you hit the 2nd verse. That’s all I’m sayin’. You’ve been warned.”

Check out the exclusive first listen premiere of “Call You Quits,” and find out exactly what Chance McKinney is talking about regarding the 2nd verse!!

Be sure to grab Chance McKinney’s new EP, , on Friday, November 30th. Grab your copy HERE.

Keep up with Chance McKinney by visiting his Official Website, and follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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