Singer/Songrwriter Ryan Hurd has been making quite an impact on the country music genre over the years. He has penned songs for multiple artists that we all know and love, as well as hit singles for the likes of Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw and most recently Luke Bryan.  In addition to writing for others, the artist on the rise is also recording and releasing his own collection of music, including breakout single “Love In A Bar,” “Diamonds or Twine” which served as a wedding gift to his wife Maren Morris, and his most recent release, “To A T,” which features his wife on background vocals!

The songwriting process is always an interesting one, especially when it has someone as talented as Hurd with a pen in his hand. When it comes to writing a song for himself, or for someone else, Ryan tells us that he plays both sides of that equation.

“I’ve never really written songs with an end in mind. For me, I’ve always written songs the way an artist would, just sitting down that day and seeing what we can create” the Michigan native exclusively shares with us. “I’ve never been good at aiming at specific projects, even my own. I think that process of seeing where a song ends up takes care of itself, whether it’s something I can hear myself in or if another artist like Luke hears a demo and gets excited about it.”

“That’s kind of the fun part of playing both sides of that equation” Hurd continues. “I think about it like wearing a pair of shoes. The artist part of me is the left foot and the pure songwriter is the right, I can’t really imagine one without the other.”

To check out Ryan’s latest track, “To A T,” click here. Also, be sure to get connected with Ryan Hurd by visiting his Official Website, and follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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