Chase Rice has faced his fair share of injuries over the years. While playing football at UNC, he took a hit directly to his left ankle, resulting in a win for the team but surgery and a missed season for the athlete. In the midst of rehabbing, he took another hit with the passing of his father. That time off between his injury and his loss led a disheartened Rice to channel his frustrations into music, leading to his discovery and love of songwriting … and eventually the start of his career in music.

Fast forward 10 years and millions of fans later, and Rice found himself nearly benched again.

Rice tore his pectoral muscle while filming the music video for Eyes On You,” a song from his latest, Lambs & Lions, that hit the U.S. Viral 50 Chart immediately after its release. Despite undergoing surgery just three days prior, as he shared on social media, Rice brought the energy that’s built him a faithful fan following around the world to a passionate crowd at the sold out House of Blues last night, giving his fans the night of their lives in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Stepping on stage with his right arm in a sling and the mic in the other, the Carolinian snarled, “There was no question in my mind about whether or not we’d be here tonight. After hearing this crowd sing ‘Eyes On You’ back to us as loud as you have, I’m even more excited for everyone to see this music video soon,” Rice marveled. “You and this right here — this energy — this is why we do what we do and why nothing was going to stop me from getting on this stage tonight.”

The show Friday marked 10 years to the day that his father passed away, making his performance all the more significant. Rice’s brother Casey joined him for the night, bringing Chase a small Martin guitar, the only size permitted for Rice to play while rehabilitating and the only one of its kind within 100 miles of Friday’s show. Just above its neck Rice inscribed “5-18-18” to commemorate the anniversary and special night.

Rice is committed to rehabbing on the road and is adamant no shows will be cancelled as he continues to play for fans across this country this summer on the Lambs & Lion Tour and at various festival dates.

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