Grammy Award-Winning Artist LeAnn Rimes has released a new rendition of the multi-platinum hit “How Do I Live” exclusively to as a ‘Thank You’ to her fans for their continued support for the past 20 years. The newly titled “How Do I Live (Re-Imagined)”, was produced by Rimes and longtime producer Darrell Brown and is available now.

Rimes opened up exclusively to about the 20-year hit saying:

“For my tour last year in the USA and UK we arranged ‘How Do I Live’ in a new way to reflect where I was coming from musically with my last album, Remnants.  I wanted the arrangement of ‘How Do I Live’ to highlight the vulnerability of Diane’s lyric. It’s more of a spiritual experience singing the song this new way, a personal prayer. After the shows, so many of my fans were asking how to get the new version, so we went in to record it as a ‘thank you’ to my fans, hence the title re-imagined. I greatly appreciate and adore the original version and all that it has done… that will always exist and never change. I would love for this new arrangement to sit alongside the original as a companion, highlighting what a classic song Diane Warren created.”

Written by Diane Warren, “How Do I Live” made a massive impact when it was originally released in 1997, garnering Rimes a Grammy nomination and selling over 3 million units. It currently remains at  #4 on Billboard’s “Greatest of All Time: Hot 100 Songs” proving it still a top fan favorite.

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