Multi-PLATINUM artist Dierks Bentley has been enlisted by the makers of 5-hour ENERGY® shots, as one of the anchors of their fully integrated national advertisement campaign. Taking a major marketing position in country music, the dietary supplement with a blend of Vitamin B and amino acids with zero sugar and four calories, will continue with its “Get Back to 100 Percent” campaign and introduce other programs designed to reward, engage and connect with fans.

Bentley’s multi-platform integration will include a national television campaign, exclusive social media content, product sampling and education and direct fan engagement. Additionally, 5-hour ENERGY® will hit the road with Bentley on his highly anticipated 2018 tour.

“With a very full personal life and touring schedule, I’m constantly managing my energy,” said Bentley. “The boost I get from 5-hour ENERGY® shots allows me to tap into my peak energy level at any moment and hit the stage with maximum power and presence. When combined with the music from my band and the uproar from our fans, I’m able to give every show everything I’ve got and then some.”

“The 5-hour ENERGY® music program was created to further connect and market to our core consumer, as well as engage with our key retailers,” said Melissa Skabich, Communications Directorfor Living Essentials, LLC, the distributor of 5-hour ENERGY® shots. “Country Music fans are so loyal and involved. They feel close to their favorite artists and we are so proud that Dierks will be our voice to that fan base.  Dierks has earned his spot at the top of the country music genre and continues to give back to his fans, his charitable interests and his community. 5-hour ENERGY® has a lot planned around this program in 2018 and we are excited to get it started.”

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