Rising country duo Muscadine Bloodline has released their latest single, “Movin’ On.” Comprised of Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster, the duo co-wrote the new track alongside Cary Barlowe. In addition to the great news of the single release, “Movin’ On” also serves as the title track to the Muscadine Bloodline’s new EP set for release in April.

Rolling Stone Country debuted the first listen of “Movin’ On” and said the song included “emotive harmonies and atmospheric production.” Gary and Charlie plan to keep listeners engaged and shared with Rolling Stone Country, “Once you’re past the first chorus people are either over the song or not over the song, so we always want the song to move,” says Stanton. 

“In the second verse the guitar changes and has its own little riff, so we just like to let the song move where there’s a bunch of different parts and a bunch of different hooks, whether vocally or guitar driven. I feel like the more hooks the better.” Read more here.

“Movin’ On” is available now on digital music outlets. Pre-order your copy of the Movin’ On EP on iTunes here.