Singer, songwriter, talented musician, and 14-time GRAMMY award winner Dan Tyminski has treated fans to multiple impressive works of art throughout the years. For the past 25 years, Tyminski has been an active member of Alison Krauss + Union Station, he was George Clooney’s singing voice in the popular film, O BrotherWhere Art Thou, and he is the vocalist on Avicii’s global hit song, “Hey Brother.” Now, Tyminski is changing things up and focusing on Southern Gothic, a brand new solo album he recently released.

Released in September of 2017 on MCA Nashville, Southern Gothic is comprised of 13 brand new tracks, all of which Tyminski co-wrote. What can one expect with this new solo album of Tyminski’s? Not what you’ve expected from him in the past, he told us in an exclusive interview.

“It’s new music. In a lot of ways, it defines genre” Dan Tyminski told us. “It is such a blend of influences that are from all different styles of music. There’s no one word that describes it. It has influences from all forms of music and you get to pick up on that when you dive in. I would tell people to go in with an open mind.”

Embarking on this new journey, Tyminski is experiencing some “firsts” in his career, starting with introducing tracks from Southern Gothic to country radio. “I’ve been doing this for quite a while and I’ve never been concerned with major radio play because we played a different type of niche of music that wasn’t popular radio music” Dan shared. “The opportunitity to be heard on the radio, and to get to go around to some of the radio stations & introduce myself, and go down a new avenue is very exciting.”

“It’s a thrill for me” he continues. “It’s not something I’ve had to do and it’s not a path I’ve ever gone down. It’s all new to me and I’m digging it.”

In addition to making his introduction to country radio, Tyminski is excited to introduce his new collection of music to fans out on the road. His show will have an eclectic mix to it, bringing all his musical experiences together on one stage. “The show is going to be focused on the new stuff on the record, but we are going to be playing stuff from Alison Krauss & Union Station and some older stuff, and I have to throw in there O Brother & Hey Brother “ Tyminski explains. “I have a bunch of stuff.”

“Some of the set will be connecting the dots. I think there are a lot of people out there who will be familiar with a couple of the other things that I have done,but still not really understand what is going on. So hopefully during the course of the show, the dots will get connected and they will realize it is the voice from “this soundtrack” or “this project,” and hopefully put a focus on Southern Gothic. I’m really proud of this and we are putting most of our energy in to the new music.”

Tyminski will be out on the road throughout 2018 showcasing Southern Gothic. To see if he is heading to a city near you, visit

2018 has a lot in store for the talented artist. In addition to his new solo album and touring, the award winning artist also has a cut on the soundtrack from the upcoming film, Forever My Girl.

Dan Tyminski’s latest album Southern Gothic is available now. Pick up a copy at a retail store near you, or on any digital music outlet, such as iTunes here.

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