Beloved singer/songwriter Pat Green recently released his brand new single “Drinking Days” in advance of his forthcoming studio album. The new track was written by Jaron Boyer, Ben Burges and Phil Barton, and makes for a perfect fit into Green’s catalogue of music.

Celebrating the release of “Drinking Days,” we caught up with the singer/songwriter to discuss his new single and so much more! Check out our exclusive interview below with Pat Green.

CountryMusicRocks (CMR): You have a brand new single out now, “Drinking Days”! For folks that may not have picked it up yet, tell us a little about this brand new song?

Pat Green: “Drinkin’ Days” was a song Eli Young Band had this on hold and decided not to use. When I found that out, I jumped at the chance. It was such a perfect fit for me. Even though most of the time I like to write my own material, in this case, they captured me better than I could.

CMR: To showcase the new single, you also released the music video for “Drinking Days” which includes multiple photos all throughout your career. What was that like for you seeing all the pictures and thinking back on all the memories over the years?

Pat Green: I think that everyone can relate to nostalgia. For me, I’m a really lucky guy that my nostalgic pictures are of me playing on stage having a blast and entertaining people. Not kidding, this is an amazing job!

CMR: The new single is the lead from your forthcoming album. What can fans expect with your new album ahead?

Pat Green: All I know is when I go into a studio I try and do the best job I can telling a story of where I am right now. Hopefully that’s what everyone is going to get out of the new music.

CMR:With 2017 well underway, what are some additional things that you are looking forward to and excited about for this year?

Pat Green: The never ending party.

CMR: What is one song that has made a significant impact on you, and still to this day when it comes on, it takes you back?

Pat Green: There was a group of artists I listened to in high school. From Bruce Springsteen to The Blues Brothers, all of those songs take me back there.

CMR: Music consistently evolves and grows, and we’ve certainly seen that with country music. What is one aspect about this genre that has always resonated with you and continues to do so?

Pat Green: The only thing that stays consistent within any kind of music is that it’s made by people. And people are ever-changing, and so does music. I guess the thing I like most about country music are country people…

“Drinking Days” is available now and will make for a perfect fit on your country playlist. Grab “Drinking Days” now on iTunes here.

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