Tyler Farr returns to country radio with his newest single, “I Should Go To Church Sometime.” Written by Brinley Addington, Michael Hardy and Sarah Turner, the new track, which Farr calls “a country music baptism,” will be included on his forthcoming studio album.

Tyler reveals a new side of himself to fans with the release of his new song, a side which fans have likely not seen/heard before. “The song was kind of like a baptism, a country music baptism, if you will. It shows another side of me” Tyler reveals. “There’s several layers to people, you starting peeling them back and you find different things. This song kind of does that for fans, and I haven’t had a song, obviously, anything remotely close to this.” 

As the singer/songwriter continues to grow both personally and professionally, he wants his music to grow with him. “I feel like…me personally when you’re making new music and stuff…maturing as an artist, maturing as a person, I want my albums to speak that, and grow with me” says Farr. “I think this is the perfect single to show that. I think represents a period of growth, and lessons learned.” 

“I Should Go To Church Sometime” is available at digital music outlets now, such as iTunes here. The new single will officially impact country radio on May 15.

Keep up with Tyler Farr by visiting his official website, tylerfarr.com.