Undercover Boss has gone country y’all! The popular CBS television show will feature country superstar Darius Rucker as he goes undercover to in search of new musical talent.

Taking place in  Austin, TX, Rucker runs an open mic night, works as a roadie, and takes to the infamous Sixth Street seeking out talented street performers.

“The Undercover Boss experience was amazing. To have to spend three hours in a chair getting makeup on every morning and go out and be somebody else was so much fun,” Darius says about his time on the show. “The people I got to meet and become friends with and got to hang out with are now friends of mine, and I got to help them take a little step further in their careers, that was awesome. No one really recognized me. One guy at the beginning when we do the first thing, he didn’t recognize me, but he recognized that maybe I had a disguise on, so we had to change it up a little bit. But it was a fun.”

Tune-In to Undercover Boss featuring Darius Rucker on May 12 at 8pm ET on CBS.