Country duo Jericho Woods is impacting country music with their debut single, “Better Now.” The new track is one of six new songs, and serves as the lead single from their forthcoming EP set for release on May 5. Comprised of Josh Mitchum and Paul Priest, the Kentucky natives are actually cousins and will highlight their Americana and Country roots on their forthcoming self-titled EP. Get to know the new duo in their own words!

Introducing Jericho Woods: In Their Own Words

We came up with the name Jericho Woods…:
Josh: my name is Josh, so Jericho comes from the story of Joshua in the Bible, Woods is just a nod to living in the country; and we wanted it to be a personna, like the Marlboro Man!
Paul: That was all Josh. We threw around some names,and some were pretty good…some where hilarious. Jericho Woods just stuck. As soon as he cam up with that, it was like “YES”!

Our new song “Better Now” is…:
Josh: a good introduction of Jericho Woods to the world. It reflects our influences well and is upbeat.
Paul: Hopefully your favorite Summer jam!

Our favorite part recording the music video for “Better Now” was…:
Josh: All the friends and family that got to be a part of it! We shot most of it in our hometown of Irvington, KY. It was very special. Our daughters make a cameo too!
Paul: Josh pretty music said it best. Having our friends and family, and representing Irvington KY was as good as it gets. It was a fun shoot.

When fans come out to see us perform, they can expect…:
Josh: a fun, rocking show with real guys playing real music. We’ll probably have some stories for ya too!
Paul: A real effort from us to make the audience a part of the show. The word fan makes me a bit uncomfortable. I prefer friends!

As fans friends begin to get to know us, we want them to know…:
Josh: We are trying to honor the hopes and dreams of the folks that support us and try to show folks that hard work and diligence can pay off.
Paul: We are the same all the time. If you run into us at Wal Mart, or backstage at the Opry, we’re the same guys. What you see is what you get.

Throughout the rest of 2017, fans friends can expect…:
Josh: a new record to listen to, preproduction on a new full-length album, extensive touring and lots of good times!
Paul: An Instragram overload! Just kidding. A new EP, tons of shows…and who knows? Maybe some surprises!

Country Music resonates with us because…:
Josh: it’s more than a genre of music; it’s the music of our heritage and it tells the stories of the regular people. Rural folks live their lives through these songs. We hope our songs can tell some of their stories.
Paul: Because I come from a long line of musicians. My Grandad was a great picker, and my Dad is too. Grandad dug classic country, swing,and Bluegrass. Dad loves Bluegrass and folk-rock, so roots music has always been a part of my life. I feel like I have been treated very well by some country legends as well, but that’s another story!

Jericho Woods debut EP is available for pre-order now on iTunes here.

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