Artist on the rise Cole Taylor recently released his brand new single, “Cold Beer.” The track is fun, upbeat and most certainly makes for a great fit in the country music format. Additionally, the talented singer/songwriter has written songs for Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Chase Rice and more, and has already notched two No. 1’s as a songwriter.

We caught up with Cole Taylor to chat about his new single, time out on the road with Cole Swindell, and much more. See what he told us about his new music and the exciting year he has ahead, especially coming up in May (continue reading to find out his exciting news)!

Country Music Rocks (CMR): You just released your brand new single “Cold Beer” which is very exciting. For folks that haven’t picked up the new song yet, tell us a little about it.
Cole Taylor: Cold Beer is full of energy and has that story telling meets a cool melody that I love to do. The story behind this song is opposites attracting really. There’s a line “my mamas gonna love you and you’re daddy might hate me, but we got something we can’t lose even if they call us crazy” and I remember writing that line and thinking “that’s actually how I felt when I met my wife”.

CMR: In addition to Cold Beer, you’ve been writing and in the studio recording new music to release. What you can tell us about what’s ahead for you.
Cole Taylor: New music is definitely coming together and I’m hoping we will be able to release some VERY soon. Some songs that show off the energy side of me which I love and some songs are a very personal side which I haven’t dug into as much but I’m really excited to.

CMR: Speaking of writing, you are also a talented songwriter with two #1’s as a writer on Luke Bryan’s “Home Alone Tonight” & Florida Georgia Line’s “Sippin’ On Fire.” Now that you are recording and releasing your own music, when it comes to writing is it becoming a little more difficult deciding if you want to keep the song or release it?
Cole Taylor: I always just write whatever song is in the room that day and if it’s something for somebody else that’s great and I’m glad I was able to say something in a song that is good enough for another artist to record it, but if it sounds like something I want to say and want people to hear my voice on then I go in and cut it and release it for my fans to hear.

CMR: You spent time last fall with Cole Swindell on his Down Home Tour, and you’ll be rejoining him again shortly for an upcoming show. Tell us a little about your time out on the road with Cole and what that experience was like for you.
Cole Taylor: Cole has always been a really great friend and person to look up in the music business, so being able to be out on the road with anybody is a blessing, but being out there with one of your best friends has been a great experience and lots a memories have been made. Cole’s live show is definitely one I love watching and learning from every night. It’s amazing to watch how he grabs fans and keeps them engaged from the first down beat until the end of the encore.

CMR: You are gearing up for a busy year ahead with live performances. For folks that haven’t seen you perform yet, how would you best describe your set?
Cole Taylor: Energy! I love interacting with the fans from stage and I have been writing songs for my live show, and this year a lot more energy and tempo and just a good time.

CMR: With 2017 well underway, what are some things that you are looking forward to and excited about for this year?
Cole Taylor: Well I think the first thing I have to look forward to is I have a little boy coming in May so that’s gonna be an amazing experience. Career wise, new cuts with some artists, shows all over and new music coming for my fans.

CMR: As fans continue to get to know you, what is one thing you would like to convey to fans about you and your music?
Cole Taylor: I like people to know my music is something they can just listen to and not have to think too much about it. People have to think and grind all week during their day jobs. I want my music to be something they can turn up loud and pop a cold beer to and just have a good time with.

Cole Taylor’s “Cold Beer” is available now. Grab your copy on iTunes here, and add it your country music playlist!

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