Nashville is also known as Music City, and for good reason. It’s almost impossible to go anywhere without hearing some form of live music. Whether you may be at a bar, a restaurant, or walking down Broadway, you’ll likely hear some good ol’ country music being played.

Today, Keith Urban took to the streets of Nashville in disguise and was busking at a street corner on Lower Broadway. With a wardrobe consisting of a BNA ball cap and blonde wig, Urban opened up his guitar case and played his hit single “Wasted Time.”

“We’re just doing something a little crazy on the streets today in Nashville, doing a little busking,” Keith shared with The Tennesssean. “We made $8. It’s pretty good.”

The Tennessean reports that Urban’s gig is for content for the upcoming Country Radio Seminar taking place later this month in Nashville, and that Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton will be also partaking in similar activities. Read more here.