Rising star Tucker Beathard returns to country radio with his latest single, “Momma and Jesus.” Co-written by Beathard, Jonathan Singleton and Deric Ruttan, the new track follows his Top 5 hit single “Rock On,” and can be found on his newly released EP, Fight Like Hell.

Of his new, guitar laden single, Tucker reveals, “I started playing drums when I was about two or three years old and with this song it’s like playing percussion but on my guitar,” said Beathard.  “In a lot of ways I was a typical teenager, getting into trouble and doing things I shouldn’t, and I definitely pushed things a little too far a time or two.  My mom raised and is still raising five kids, and it takes a strong woman to steer us all in the right direction.  I have so much respect for the job she’s done.   I know at some point she probably wanted to ship me off to military school or something, but she stuck with me!” Meet Tucker’s Mom HERE.

“Momma and Jesus” is at country radio now. Be sure to call in and request at your local country radio station. You can also add the new track to your country music playlist by grabbing it on iTunes here.

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