As the release of Kenny Chesney’s new studio album Cosmic Hallelujah draws near, the country superstar is already celebrating an album milestone with hit single, “Setting The World On Fire” featuring P!NK. This week, the song tops both the Billboard Country Airplay and Country Media Base charts.

“I knew the moment I heard this song, it was exactly the moment of life and love exploding, and everything turning Technicolor,” Chesney says of the song. “Finding songs that are in the moment are harder, but in this kind of moment, it’s almost impossible. And the idea of bringing P!NK in adds to that sense of this song is happening as we sing it. It’s funny how people respond to stuff that feels real and right now.”

“Setting The World On Fire” has resonated with fans as well as country radio, and thankfully Chesney pushed back his album release to include the song featuring the popular pop star. “I was really happy we were going to be able to release this second,” Kenny shares. “To have Country radio respond to P!NK the way they have, to be so welcoming, that makes me proud. I think when you bring an artist into country, you need to play to their strengths, but you also want them to feel caught up in what we do.”

While the album has faced a few changes along the way, Cosmic Hallelujah, featuring “Setting The World On Fire” and previously released single “Noise,” is set for release on October 28. “Sometimes a record turns, and it takes a moment to catch up,” Chesney admits with a laugh. “When we moved into ‘Setting The World On Fire,’ I think the whole vision fell into a new place – and it was a really good place. With the songs we brought in, suddenly this album was about the thrill you can find in any given moment, peak things that happen that are so every day. Watching the response, it makes me feel like a lot of people feel like I do – so this record should hit’em right where they live.”

Cosmic Hallelujah is available for order now on iTunes. Grab your copy here, and receive four album tracks instantly upon order. Cosmic Hallelujah will be available online and in retail stores on Friday, October 28.