With football season now in full swing, country sensation Chase Rice is in his element. His passion runs deep as he gets into each moment of the game while watching the sport.

Prior to his career in music, Chase was a linebacker for the University of North Carolina and took the sport very seriously. “I could sit there, I watched a lot of film, I put a lot of time into the game” Rice shares. “I tried to know where the ball was going before anybody else did, and that’s why I became such a good player in college before I got hurt.”

Now when watching, Rice admits it’s hard to relax and enjoy the game. “I can’t just watch a football game and have fun” Chase says. “I’m sitting there calling the plays, calling the defenses while I’m watching the game, and yelling at the coaches ‘don’t do it, don’t call a timeout right there’ or whatever I’m yelling… but, I’m very passionate about football.”

While music is at the forefront for Chase Rice, if an opportunity came to make a choice between football and music, it would likely be for a difficult decision for the singer/songwriter to make. “The only thing rivals music for me is football” Chase confesses. “I gotta be honest, I don’t know…if I had the opportunity to go play in the NFL right now I don’t know if I’d turn that down. Then I could come back to music later, you know…that would be easy.”

Fortunately for all of us, Chase hasn’t traded in his guitar for a football helmet (yet), and is still going strong with his music. He is currently at country radio with his latest single, “Everybody We Know Does,” out on his headlining Everybody We Know Does Tour, and working on his next studio album.

For a full list of tour dates and ticket information, please visit ChaseRice.com.