Cold River Records’ recording artist Drew Baldridge recently released another installment to his video series for his new album, Dirt On Us. Baldridge has been capturing each song on the album with a new video, and this time provides a beautiful and moving rendition of the classic church hymn “It Is Well (With My Soul).” Filmed in Nashville’s First Lutheran Church and accompanied by his father and uncle, the Baldridge’s deliver a powerful video.

“I grew up singing in church,” Baldridge says. “Dad was a tenor and I was a bass singer. There was just a piano player. So that’s how I wanted to cut ‘It Is Well’ — just vocals, piano and cello, with my dad and my uncle. I sang this hymn with them, so I wanted my album to end where I started, with this performance.

“The rest of my life, I’ll always treasure this experience. And the story is so powerful. That’s why I cut it,” he adds.

Having “It Is Well (With My Soul)” included on Drew’s project was taken very seriously, and with the Baldridge’s history of the hymn the song was recorded for the album in less than two hours and the video was filmed in less than a day.

Drew Baldridge’s debut album, Dirt On Us, is a solid collection of music that features thirteen top-notch songs. It is available in retail stores as well as digital music outlets. Grab your copy on iTunes here.

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