Reviver Records country duo LoCash, comprised of Preston Brust and Chris Lucas, is set to release their highly anticipated debut studio album, The Fighters, on June 17. Featuring eleven songs, The Fighters provides listeners with a memorable and notable collection of music. The album includes both feel good, upbeat tracks, and relatable, compelling tracks, making The Fighters a well-rounded album full of quality material from start to finish.

The duo immediately captures listeners attention from the start with their gold certified hit single, “I Love This Life.” This song has served as a huge milestone for Preston and Chris, and it has become their reality as they truly have so much to love about this life. From “Ring on Every Finger” to “Shipwrecked” and “Til The Wheels fall off,” love is a common theme on this album with several songs showcasing a softer and vulnerable side of the energetic duo.  “God Loves Me More” is another powerful track showcasing the duo’s strong harmonies. While just reading the title may sound a bit confusing, it all comes together with the lyrics and is genuinely a beautiful song.

“Ain’t Startin’ Tonight,” “Alll Day,” “Drunk Drunk,” and newly released single “I Know Somebody” are songs that are easy to gravitate to and enjoy, and radiate with the dynamic personalities of the artists.

Closing out the album, Preston and Chris go deep and provide strong, relatable material with album titled track, “The Fighters.” This song serves as an athem of sorts, not just for the hard-working duo, but for listeners as well. Many will find themselves relating to the lyrics throughout the powerful track.

This debut album from LoCash has been a long time coming, for both the duo and their fans. It is definitely an impressive work of art, and the success that is no doubt on their way is well deserved.

The Fighters is available for order now on iTunes. The album will hit retail stores on Friday, June 17.

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