Cold River Records recording artist Drew Baldridge brings heart and soul to the June 10 release of his debut studio album, Dirt On Us. Featuring thirteen songs, eleven of which the rising star co-wrote, Baldridge delivers a solid album from start to finish.

Starting things off with “Train,” Baldridge takes listeners on a journey. Drew brings the high-energy song to life, complete with fun & clever lyrics, and instantly sets the tone for the album ahead. As the momentum continues with each track, the country newcomer steps outside of the box and brings country music listeners with him. It is evident on his debut single, “Dance With Ya,” where he blends a strong jazz vibe with country, that the rising new artist is bringing a fresh, dynamic element to the genre, and it is further demonstrated throughout the album all while maintaining a strong country theme.

Drew showcases his smooth, captivating vocals on tracks “Rebound,” album titled single “Dirt On Us,” and “Town The World Forgot,” just to name a few, and provides feel-good, catchy vibes with songs such as “Everyday Night,” “Everywhere I Go,” and “Curious Girl.” The album as a whole provides a diverse sound, giving listeners a broad spectrum to enjoy. Rounding out the album is the beautiful hymn, “It Is Well.” The inclusion of this track, featuring Mike and Doug Baldridge, is delivered elegantly and provides an effective impact to the album.

Dirt On Us is a well-balanced album housing several songs that will make for a great fit on country radio. Sonically, the album is on point with strong musical elements throughout that provides listeners with a unique experience. Lyrically, Baldridge takes each subject and paints a vivid picture. Quality, the material showcased throughout the album is realatable and memorable, with each song standing out on its own. Drew Baldridge does an impressive job delivering his debut project, and leaves a strong mark on the genre with Dirt On Us.

Dirt On Us is set for release on June 10, and is available for order on iTunes here.

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