Easton Corbin just launched his latest single, “Are You With Me,” to country radio. The new single follows up his hits “Yup” and “Baby Be My Love Song” from his latest studio album, About To Get Real.

In addition to his new single, Corbin just wrapped up the first leg of Carrie Underwood’s Storyteller Tour. He will join her again this fall, and until then has a packed schedule of shows throughout the summer. This past weekend, Easton headlined 98.7 The Bull’s Countryfest and treated a sold-out crowd to a fantastic performance. Check out photos here.

We caught up with Easton Corbin to chat about his new single, touring and much more! Check out our exclusive interview below.

CountryMusicRocks (CMR): You recently released your new single, “Are You With Me” to country radio. Tell us a little about the single, give us some background on this song.

Easton Corbin: This is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever recorded. Since the first time I heard it, I loved it. I recorded it for my second record, “All Over The Road”, but didn’t really get the chance to put it out as a single. The label let me include it on my latest record, “About To Get Real”. It’s probably going to be the last single off this record so why not go with the one that I love?

CMR:  In addition to the new single being on country radio, it has also been showcased internationally by a DJ who remixed it into an EDM track. What was your first impression when you heard the remix and what has it been like for you to know that fans are enjoying your single in a completely different musical element?

Easton Corbin: I was definitely surprised. I remember my buddy called me up and was like, “I just heard ‘Are You With Me’ on an EDM station.” Of course, I was like, “Naw man, you must’ve heard something else.” But I went and searched it and sure enough, there it was. I think it’s cool. I think it’s a testament to great songs… great music transcends genres.

CMR: You recently wrapped up the first leg of Carrie Underwood’s Storyteller Tour, and will join her again on tour this fall. What has this tour been like for you, so far?

Easton Corbin: It’s been a great experience. Carrie’s awesome. She’s puts on a great show and she’s been really kind to us. We’ve also been out there with The Swon Brothers, who are great guys. Overall, it’s been a great tour to be on. We’ve played in front of a lot of people – 10-15,000 people a night. It’s been a great opportunity to build our fan base.

CMR: Being on tour with Carrie, what is one thing that you learned from her during your time on this tour that you are/will be applying to your career?

Easton Corbin: In general, being on tour with these acts, you can observe what they do and learn things because those guys have been out there doing it for quite awhile. They have that experience and you can learn a lot and kind of mold that into what you do.

CMR: What is something from home that you must have out on the road with you?

Easton Corbin: Definitely gotta have my favorite cowboy boots!

CMR: What is one thing that is still at the top of your country music bucket list?

Easton Corbin: My biggest hero was Merle Haggard and I always said if I could duet with anybody, that that’s who it would’ve been with. But I was very fortunate to be able to see him in concert and actually get to meet him, so I’ll take it.

CMR: Country Music is a genre that significantly stands out on its own, not only within the music industry but with fans too. What is one thing about country music that really resonates with you, and that you hope will never change?

Easton Corbin: I think country music has changed over the last few years and of course it always does over time. But I hope there’s always an element of realness and real life lyrics about real folks in the songs. Also, I love the country genre because it’s so fan-oriented. If it weren’t for the fans, we wouldn’t be able to be out there, getting to do this.

Pick up Easton Corbin’s latest single, “Are You With Me,” on iTune here, and be sure to call in and request at your local country radio station.

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