The news of the recent tragic flooding in West Virginia hit home to country superstar Brad Paisley. A native of the state, Paisley launched his first GoFundMe campaign to support those that are victims and help rebuild from the intense damage. Launching the fundraising campaign with a $100K personal donation, Brad hopes to see the ultimate goal of $1Million raised with the help from the rest of the country.

Brad Paisley shared a statement when setting up the GoFundMe account stating:
“On June 23rd, my home state of West Virginia experienced tremendous flooding that killed over 20 people and destroyed entire small towns. Three counties have been declared federal disasters and 44 of the 55 counties have been declared in a state of emergency. Now that the waters are receding it’s time to pitch in and help in any way we can. One of the best ways I have found that hopefully will raise the largest amount of money the quickest and get it to the people in need the fastest is through GoFundMe.

I have set a goal of $1 million — this is doable and only a small portion of what is needed.

All funds donated will be distributed through West Virginia Flood Relief 2016 – The Brad Paisley Foundation at WESBANCO Trust Department in Wheeling, WV.

Join me as we help West Virginians together.

Help spread the word!”

In addition to the fundraising campaign, Brad will be heading to West Virginia tomorrow, June 30, to see first hand and meet with those working to rebuild their great state.

Donations can be made at