Rising country artist Brett Young‘s debut single, “Sleep Without You,” is quickly becoming a fan favorite. The new single, co-written by Young, Kelly Archer and Justin Ebach, is the lead single from the newcomer’s debut self-titled EP, and includes lyrics that describe him perfectly while in a relationship.

“In the single, “Sleep Without You,” there’s a bridge where it says ‘I bet that dj’s playing your song and you’re carrying on, and I love the thought of it, just long as I know I’m the one you’re coming home to’ that describes me perfectly in a relationship. Kind of do your thing and make yourself happy, as long as there is a common theme – which is trust” Brett shares with us.

“I’m in new relationship, and I think if there was one that would describe me right now, it would be that. If we trust each other, we’re gonna be good” Young continues. “I’ve always loved that lyric, I feel like I relate to it really well.”

Brett Young’s debut self-titled EP, featuring “Sleep Without You,” is available now! Pick up your copy on iTunes HERE. In addition, be sure to call in to your local country radio station and request the fresh new song!

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