Country duo Haley & Michaels recently celebrated their one year wedding anniversary. Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels tied the knot on May 9, 2015, and since then their year has been filled with several amazing moments, both professionally and personally.

Haley & Michaels shared exclusively with us their Top 5 Memorable Moments throughout their first year of marriage. They’ve certainly had an exciting first year and they no doubt have many more memorable moments!

#1 Singing our wedding song on The Today Show. This was such a dream come true for us, and it was of course extra surreal because our debut on national television was with a song we wrote to each other as our vows, “Giving It All (To You)”. We were trying not to freak out when we saw Hoda singing along. It was incredible!

#2 Our debut at The Grand Ole Opry. Standing in the circle on the The Grand Ole Opry stage, with both of our families in the audience, was one of the most unforgettable moments of our lives. We are also huge fans of the Opry band, so having the honor off their accompaniment gave us goosebumps.

#3 Adopting our two new kittens! This was very spontaneous. Meaning we were going for a drive one day and we came back with two baby kittens. We adopted them off of a tour bus, so we knew it was meant to be! They are sisters and we spoil them rotten, and have not slept through the night since they came home!

#4 Recording our new EP. We have spent a huge part of this past year writing songs and making new music. That moment when we got our mixes back from our producers was one of the best professional and personal highlights for us! We are very proud to be working with our producer’s Reid Shippen and Zach Abend and we can’t wait to share this new music!

#5 “Doors Off Helicopter Ride” on our Honeymoon. We still can’t believe we did it, and we would probably never be brave enough to do it again (the whole no doors thing was a little intense). But it was so amazing and one of our favorite moments. We flew over mountains and waterfalls in Kauai and it was one of the scariest, yet most beautiful and spiritual experiences ever. We’ll always remember that as one of our first big “adventures” as a married couple.

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