Republic Nashville’s newest rising star, Brett Young, has been making a significant impression on the country music genre, and country music fans, with his new music. His debut single, “Sleep Without You,” is at country radio now and can be found on his debut self-titled EP.

“It’s so crazy. Before you know anything, you think that there are multiple ways to do this. Once you find out kind of how radio works, it’s a little bit intimidating” Young shares with us about his debut single impacting country radio. “To have this happening, and after 10 years of chasing down the music dream, to have a song that’s on national radio is pretty surreal

“Sleep Without You” is the lead single from Brett Young’s debut self-titled EP. The album features six solid songs that really captures the artist’s talents. Of his new collection of music, Brett says “It was really fun to choose the music because it’s my first major label record so I had my whole life worth of songwriting to pick 6 songs from. We tried to give a little bit of everything, the sad song that comes from the heart, the happy song, the feel good song, little bit of up-tempo, little bit of slow dance type stuff, and throughout all of it I wanted to maintain honesty.”

“There’s something real that I went through or lived through in every single song. I feel like if the artist seems connected, it makes it easier for listeners to connect.”

The California native has been writing for years and co-wrote all six songs on his self-titled EP. While being a songwriter is very important to him, it is also crucial to him to have the right songs on his albums, even if he didn’t write it. “I always say I’m a writer first. But at the same time, it’s important to me that the best song wins.”

“If there was ever an outside song that we felt like not only fit me and my sound, but was better than the song we had, we would go there. In fact, I’ve brought outside songs to the label saying “I love this,” and every time we struggled to find me in it. I’ve been lucky enough to have a label and a publishing company behind me that believes in my music.”

Young is currently out on the road showcasing his brand new music, complete with a new band. “It’s going to be interesting. Most of the time when you go out with a full band there’s less talk and more music. Since this is a new record and a new band, I’m going to be playing with the balance between how much I can actually talk to the audience.” Overall Young hopes his shows will be a story-telling experience, and that fans connect with not only his music but also with him.

Speaking of storytelling, that is an aspect of the genre that resonates deeply with the country newcomer. “I think that is has been so easy with a lot of the hip-hop & pop music to get wrapped up with what is happening sonically, and forgetting that they’re not really saying anything. The ability to tell a complete story in 3 1/2 minutes is really difficult, and it’s really special that country music has never lost that.”

Brett Young’s debut self-titled EP is available now, pick up your copy on iTunes HERE. Also, be sure to call in to your local country radio station and request “Sleep Without You.”

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