Republic Nashville recording artists A Thousand Horses have 1,000+++ reasons to be excited about 2016. The dynamic band just released their new single, “Southernality,” to country radio, received a nomination for an Academy of Country Music Award, and perform to thousands of country music fans night after night on Jason Aldean’s We Were Here Tour.

Comprised of Michael Hobby, Bill Satcher, Graham DeLoach and Zach Brown, A Thousand Horses has been making a significant impression on the country music community, and their talents led them their first ACM Award nomination for ACM New Vocal Group of the Year.

“We woke up Monday morning with a bunch of texts on our phones. Usually that means something happened that’s bad or really good, luckily for us that day was something very, very good” the band shared about hearing the exciting news. “We all couldn’t believe it and freaked out. It’s unbelievable. We’re excited to be nominated and recognized by our peers. It’s a real honor.”

The exciting weekend will serve as the bands first ACM Weekend in Vegas. “We love Vegas. To play “Party for a Cause” is going to be great and to go to the award show is going to be amazing. It’s going to be jammed packed weekend and we’re going to make the most of it. Last year we did Dallas so this will be our first ACM in Vegas.”

In addition to the band’s ACM Award nomination, they just released their brand new single to country radio, and the country-rock vibe from the fresh track is quickly being embraced by fans.

“Southernality is a song that was written by two buddies of mine, Corey Crowder, Neil Mason and myself, Michael. I was sitting & writing, thinking of stuff, and combined the word southern and personality and came up with the word southernality” lead vocalist Michael Hobby explained. “I wanted to write about, being from South Carolina and Georgia, where we are from, and the things we observed growing up and the metaphors behind it.

“The song is about being proud of where you come from, wherever that is, and that lifestyle and that upbringing. We just wanted to make it “that thing,” and with a laid back, have a good time kind of feel.”

The new single shows diversity from the previous singles released to country radio. The band really kicks things up a notch with the upbeat release of  “Southernality.”  “I think it’s going to be kind of cool to show another side of us too. Our past two singles have been the mid-tempo type, so this one shows another side of our record which is a little bit more upbeat and a little rockin’.”

With an album full of great material, the band really couldn’t go wrong with the selection of a new single. However, it appears that they knew the direction they wanted to go heading into the summer months. “We knew we wanted to come out with something that had some tempo, and that was kind of “in your face” and had great music behind it. And with going into the summer, be like a summer party song that everyone is having fun to. We just kind of narrowed it down. “Southernality” is the title track off the album. It’s the perfect song and feels really good, and we want everybody to rock it.”

Michael, Zach, Graham and Bill have a chance to showcase their new music each night while on tour with Jason Aldean. Out on the We Were Here Tour, the guys are taking it all in and learning as much as possible from Aldean. They shared this is the biggest tour that they’ve been on to date. “He’s been just incredible to us. Every night we are stoked to just be there, and go out and see him play & learn from him. How to do it, how to work hard and staying on the road. He’s been on the road for a long time and we’ve always been kind of a road band ourselves, his advice and just kind of watching how his thing goes is pretty amazing. We’re still learning and we watch it every night to learn more. He helps us out wherever he can.”

A Thousand Horses make for a great addition to the We Were Here Tour, and serve as solid openers setting the tone for an incredible evening ahead. If you haven’t seen Michael, Zach, Graham and Bill perform yet, you are missing out! What kind of performance can you expect from ATH???  “It’s a kick-ass, in your face, kind of fun time” the band shared. “We like to bring the heat and for everybody to have a good time and rock, and just leave there happy. We have 3 female background singers that travel with us, and we kind of like to have that big sound that comes out and high energy.”

As country music continues to grow and evolve, we asked each of the members what really resonates with them from this genre.

Michael Hobby: For me, it’s the diversity of the music that is out. There are so many different types of artists, singers, songwriters and bands, it’s cool to have great music out and everybody doing it together. It’s an awesome lane to be in.

Graham DeLoach: The genuiness and the realness of it all is really great, and that is something that attracts us to it.

Zach Brown: Country music is all about the song and the lyrics, and stories you can understand. Whereas, a lot other genres, a lot of rock music I listened to as a kid, I really didn’t really know what the songs meant. Country is cool because it’s a lot of simple songs and songs about life and what not.

Bill Satcher: I agree with Zach. The songwriting is amazing. It’s amazing to hear, especially in Nashville, to hear so many points of view on life and the stories that are told.

Michael Hobby: The songwriting community here are some of the best in the world, it’s amazing to be a part of it.

A Thousand Horses debut album SOUTHERNALITY is available now and is a must-have for your music collection. Be sure to request their latest single, “Southernality,” at your local country radio station.

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