Dot Records’ recording artist Tucker Beathard has just released his debut single, “Rock On,” to country radio. The new single, co-written by Tucker, Marla Cannon-Goodman and his father, Casey Beathard, provides a fresh new sound to country radio.

“Rock On” serves as a solid introduction to the rising star as he delivers a well balanced song that instantly captivates listeners. Of this new track, Tucker shares some insight on his debut single with us. “What I liked about it for a single was it didn’t pigeonhole me. I have so many different music influences and there’s a wide variety of styles. I didn’t want to pick anything that was too rock, because then people will think the album is going to be all rock, or too soft and then people will think I don’t have any rock. So it’s in the middle.”

Following in the footsteps of his father Casey Beathard, a well-known songwriter in the industry, can’t be easy. However, landing on several Artists to Watch lists for 2016, including ours, Tucker is making a lasting impression and a name for himself as both an artist and a songwriter. Growing up, Tucker revealed to us that he just wanted to do his own thing. And he did. But when it came time to really try to write, he looked to his dad for guidance. “I couldn’t deny the fact that I was a huge fan of what he did and how he wrote. That’s who I naturally learned from. Now I respect him and respect his opinion. I love writing with him.”

Casey Beathard doesn’t go easy on Tucker just because he’s his son, in fact, just the opposite. “He’s pretty hard on me, which is great, especially starting off” Tucker says. “When I first started writing, I’d come back really fired up about a song and show him, and he’d tear it apart. But that just made it better.”

In addition to Tucker releasing his debut single, he will join Dierks Bentley out on the road this summer for Bentley’s Sounds of Summer Tour. “Between Dierks, Randy [Houser] and Cam, it’s going to be a lot of fun.” Tucker shares. “I respect Dierks so much, he’s such a great dude. He’s a great performer and artist, it’s going to be a great experience.”

Tucker played a show with Dierks in Montana last year, but hasn’t had a chance to really get to know him. That will all change this summer for the country newcomer. “I’m not to close to him yet. He texted me the other day saying he’s happy to have me out, and that shows what kind of guy he is. He’s a class act in my opinion. For any new artist, he’s the kind of guy you want to look up to and learn from.”

Tucker Beathard is one to keep your ears tuned in and eyes on. His authenticity shines through with the music he is writing and delivering. “Bottom line is, and it sounds so cliché it really does, but the whole reason I got in to songwriting was to let out feelings, emotions, whatever. It’s so much more rewarding to me to have people be impacted by what I’m saying and be able to relate to it.”

“Rock On” is available now on iTunes and is a must-have for your music playlist! Grab your copy today and be sure to request Tucker Beathard’s debut single at your favorite country radio station!

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