It’s been an exciting week for country artist Chase Rice as he earned his first ACM Award nomination for New Male Vocalist of the Year. In addition to his award nomination, Rice and friends have been dropping hints of new music all over social media with #Shh and #Whisper. The wait is almost over, and Chase is set to release his brand new single, “Whisper,” on Friday, February 5.

There’s a lot to celebrate for the rising star and what better way than with the Super Bowl coming up this weekend. Rice played football in college, and his love & passion for the sport will no doubt have him tuning in to the big game on Sunday.

“Yeah, the Super Bowl’s tough for me this year. I’m a huge Peyton Manning fan. Love who he is as a person, love his character, and love his passion for the game of football, ’cause I’m a huge football guy” Rice says. “Grew up playin’ football, played in college, almost played in the NFL. And seein’ Peyton Manning’s love for the game is awesome.”

“But, it’s hard to pull against the Carolina Panthers. I’m from Asheville — Fairview, North Carolina — right outside of Asheville, I lived in Charlotte for about a year-and-a-half, two years when I worked in NASCAR, so it’s really, really hard…actually, one of my roommates when I was workin’ in NASCAR was Hilee Taylor, who played for the Panthers for a couple years. So, it’s really hard for me to pull against the Panthers, but lucky for me, I get a win-win situation Super Bowl Sunday, ’cause if the Broncos win, I’m very, very happy for Peyton, and if the Panthers win, then we finally brought a Super Bowl home to Carolina.”

While Chase is looking forward to the big game this coming weekend, don’t expect him to want to host a party.  Rice hosted his first Super Bowl party last year and didn’t enjoy it all that much. With everyone talking and screaming, it made it difficult for him to really watch and focus on the game. “I’d rather go to someone else’s party and not have all the stress of havin’ people over and all that and havin’ food made and all that” Rice says. “I’d rather just kinda sit there and watch the game.”

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