As Joey Feek continues her courageous battle with cancer, her husband Rory has opened up about his future in music.

In an exclusive interview with ET, Rory indicated that he will not continue to make music without his wife Joey.

“This is the last record that Joey and I will ever get to make and the last songs we’ll ever get to sing together,” he tells ET exclusively. “I have no desire to go on singing or performing without her.” Read more here.

The final album for the duo Joey & Rory, Hymns That Are Important To Us, will be released on February 12. An exclusive deluxe package of this special project will be available at Cracker Barrel.

During this unimaginable time in their lives, Rory has been very forthcoming with the details of Joey’s condition on his blog, This Life I Live. We continue to send our love, thoughts and prayers to the Feek’s and their families.