As you probably know by now, Darius Rucker is a HUGE football fan – college and NFL. He cheers loudest for his South Carolina Gamecocks and the Miami Dolphins. The man is the commissioner of a handful of fantasy football leagues, and his “man cave” at the house in Charleston, South Carolina is full of televisions playing nothing but football. So, we know he’s a professional when it comes to picking the winners of this weekend’s games.

“I think the Panthers are gonna win. That home field advantage is huge, and I just think their defense is playing so well right now. I think it’s gonna be a high scoring game, but I think the Panthers are gonna do enough to outlast the Cardinals…the other game is a lot harder. I think, it’s hard to go against Tom Brady. It’s hard to go against Bill Belichick,” says Darius.

“I think Belichick’s one of the two greatest coaches in NFL history, and Brady’s probably one of the four best quarterbacks to ever play…and so to go against them is hard, but I love Peyton, and Denver’s got like an all-time great defense. There’s no place on their defense that is not great. Like I said, it’s hard to go against Brady and Belichick, so I’m gonna go with the Patriots. I think it’s gonna be Patriots-Panthers for the championship.”

Darius just announced his Good For a Good Time Tour, which will kick off June 3rd in Tampa, Florida. Tickets go on sale January 29th.