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Country newcomer Logan Mize recently released his new EP, Pawn Shop Guitar.  Keeping with the pawn shop theme, Mize opened his own digital pawn shop for fans!!!

Logan Mize Pawn Shop features items such as one of his old work shirts, a signed drum head, T-shirts, Coffee Mugs and so much more!!! With just a tweet, you could win one of these items at his pawn shop! Simply select the item you want to win and “pay” with a tweet that includes #LoganMizePawnShop for a chance to win. Plus, you can call Logan’s pawn shop directly for more details. Who knows, he may even answer the phone!

Visit Logan’s pawn shop at pawnshopguitarep.com.

If you don’t have Logan Mize’s new EP Pawn Shop Guitar yet, pick it up on iTunes HERE.

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