Brett Eldredge -

Country sensation Brett Eldredge has teamed up with Snagajob for their fourth annual Hourly Gig contest.  This promotion gives aspiring artists the opportunity to open for Brett at his concert in Caldwell, Idaho on July 24.

This is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring artists who are looking to break into the country music scene.  CountryMusicRocks recently caught up with Brett Eldredge to talk about the Hourly Gig promotion with Snagajob.  “I remember what it was like to have an hourly job just trying to make ends meet, and trying to pursue my career and do what I really wanted to do which was play music” Eldredge shares with us. 

Entries will be evaluated on creativity, talent and entertainment value by a team of expert judges. Entries will be narrowed down to five finalists by the judges, with the eventual winner determined by a popular vote. One thing is for certain for the winner according to Brett, “it’s going to be a lot fun!”

Before Brett had three #1 singles under his belt, he understands what it is like just starting out and pursing your dreams. “I remember what it was like begging for people to give me a shot to open a show. Once you get those shots of opening shows and get in front of a crowd is when doors start to open for you. Anyway that I can help, I am glad to do it.”

Opportunities such as this do not come along every day, and if you’re serious about your career in the music industry then it is important to take part of every opportunity that you can.  Eldredge conveys to aspiring artists, “There’s never too much that you can do to chase the dream of becoming a musician, recording artist, or whatever you aspire to do. If you want to become a big star, and you really want to do it, you’ve really got to chase it down. You’ve really got to take every opportunity that you can. Anything that you can do, any stage that you can get on and play, you’re always going to learn something.”

“I think this is a great opportunity because you’ll be able to get in front of a large crowd and make new fans. I think it is a great opportunity that I wish I had myself at the very beginning. I remember my fist major opening gig, it was with Blake Shelton, and I was so pumped. I only had like 25 minutes to play, but those 25 minutes taught me so much and really helped pave the way to get to where I am now. Steps like that are so important and I think this is a great opportunity for someone to get out there in front of a good crowd. I can’t wait to have them out there with me.”

Snagajob’s Hourly Gig contest is going on right now. The video submission period is from June 12-26. Submissions will then be narrowed down and the public will vote on the Top 5 Finalists during July 7-15. The winner will be announced on July 15 and  open for Brett Eldredge on July 24.  More details and official rules can be found