(Pictured Left to Right: Almon & Pike’s Orville Almon; Vector Management’s JW Williams; BBRMG EVP Jon Loba; BBRMG General Manager Rick Shedd; BBRMG’s Colton McGee; Trace Adkins; BBRMG President & CEO Benny Brown. Photo courtesy of BBR Music Group.

BBR Music Group is proud to announce the addition of superstar recording artist, actor and spokesman, Trace Adkins.

Since his debut in 1995, the renegade hit-maker has earned the respect of millions as an uncompromising straight-shooter. Every #1 anthem he’s recorded, every “outlaw with a heart of gold” role he’s played and every message he’s voiced as a spokesperson for the American Red Cross and the Wounded Warriors is delivered with integrity. His “my way or the highway” philosophy has always been evident in his music – now he’s joined a team of like-minded professionals.

“Trace Adkins has built a career and a legacy doing things his own way, never bowing to trends or society. He’s a straight shooter whose philosophy aligns with BBR Music Group’s independent, hands on approach. The music is what matters at BBR Music Group and that’s a viewpoint we share with Trace. We’re excited to welcome Trace to the BBR Music Group family and look forward to collaborating on new, amazing music,” said Benny Brown, President/ CEO of the BBR Music Group.

“When you’ve been doing this as long as I have, you don’t always get the feeling that the sky’s the limit,” said Trace. “I feel that way right now. When I sign up for something, I go all-in. Since Benny, Jon and I shook hands and said ‘let’s do this thing,’ we’ve been all-in together.”

“Trace Adkins is not only a Country music megastar but an accomplished film and TV actor who has become a highly-recognizable celebrity. In this incredibly fractured entertainment environment, it’s an extraordinary accomplishment to have achieved touch points across multiple forms of media. The BBR Music Group is ecstatic to add an artist of international acclaim to its roster,” said BBR Music Group EVP Jon Loba.

Currently, Adkins is recording his thirteenth studio album, this time with celebrated producer Mickey Jack Cones (Joe Nichols/ Randy Houser) and will release new music on the BBR Music Group in 2015.

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  1. So glad Trace has more to give with his talent and that voice his fans love him and he is good looking and that don’r hurt a thing. I also enjoy the fact that he is a little more mature than some other singers.

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