Luke Bryan will release his final Spring Break album, Spring Break…Checkin’ Out, Tuesday (March 10th). The collection will contain five new, original songs all co-written by Luke, plus all six songs from last year’s EP. 

Luke’s collection of all six previous Spring Break releases combined have over 1.1 million sales to date.

He’ll follow the release of his Spring Break album with two free shows at Spinnaker Beach Club in Panama City Beach March 11th and 12th. He says the shows on the beach will be one of the things he misses most since this is his final year.

“I sleep on the bus during Spring Break. I wake up, open up the blinds and the sun is out, drink some coffee. Most of the time I’m kicking a hangover.  And just watching the day kind of get going, watch everybody start piling in on the beach about 3,” says Luke. “Just being there, being around – being around people having the time of their life is inspiring, and that’s definitely what I’ll miss, watching the fans just make memories that will last forever with them.”

Over 230,000 fans came out for last year’s shows.

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