Garth Brooks Man Against Machine -

Garth Brooks spent time in Nashville giving a preview of his highly-anticipated new album, MAN AGAINST MACHINE, out November 11th. Naming it one of his most personal pieces of work to date, the singer/songwriter sampled the 14-track album for the eager crowd at Sony Nashville’s offices before giving a powerful acoustic performance of “Mom,” written by Don Sampson and Wynn Varble.

Garth, who in 2000, was certified by the RIAA as the #1-selling solo artist in U. S. history and has sold 134 million albums to date, virtually receiving every music award possible, continues his world tour in Lexington, KY this evening.

Full track listing:

1. Man Against Machine
Larry Bastian/Jenny Yates/Garth Brooks

2. She’s Tired of Boys
Amanda Williams/Garth Brooks

3. Cold Like That
Steven Lee Olsen/Melissa Peirce/Chris Wallin

4. All-American Kid
Craig Campbell/Brice Long/Terry McBride

5. Mom
Don Sampson/Wynn Varble

6. Wrong About You
Adam Wright

7. Rodeo and Juliet
Bryan Kennedy/Garth Brooks

8. Midnight Train
Melissa Peirce/Matthew A. Rossi

9. Cowboys Forever
Wynn Varble/John Martin/Dean Dillon

10. People Loving People
Lee Miller/Chris Wallin/busbee

11. Send ‘Em On Down the Road
Marc Beeson/Allen Shamblin

12. Fish
Chris Wallin/Wynn Varble

13. You Wreck Me
Stephanie Bentley/Kevin Kadish/Dan Muckala

14. Tacoma
Caitlyn Smith/Bob DiPiero

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